What’s Going On Here???

First let me say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Hope you had a great holiday.  And hope you have a great New Year’s coming soon.

And now to answer the question that has been popping up on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages….what’s going on?? Are we ok?  Did we sell the farm???

First, let me say ‘thank you’ to all of you out there who have been worried about us.  And let me reassure you that we are doing GREAT!  The girls are growing, Sam and I are working hard.  There has been no catastrophe or second guessing life goals.  We just A) hit a bit of an equipment malfunction that halted our YouTube production and B)don’t have much to share these winter months!  Because one of the least exciting parts about homesteading and trying to be debt free is that you spend a lot of time waiting and saving money.  A lot of time.  Just waiting.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  That doesn’t make a very exciting YouTube video haha!

But we do have plans to return soon.  Sam has been camera shopping and we hope to be back up to production by the end of January and be bringing some new vlogs your way.  We’re gearing up to really get some work done on the farm house that, we hope, our viewers will be excited to see.  And hope to add a milk cow and some other large livestock in 2018.

But, like I said, that all costs lots of $$$$$$ which takes lots of tick, tock, tick, tock on the clock to save up.  But we are getting there.  Pinching those pennies and nickels and we are looking forward to getting our YouTube and blog back up and running to share the new adventures of 2018.

Take care and happy New Year!