Seizures and Pancakes

Well.  It’s been a hard fought month of dietary changes.  In case you missed my last post, we have decided to try a very restrictive diet to see if it would help with Annie’s seizures.  It’s always a waiting game with Annie to see if anything works.  She only has one seizure a month, so it’s always a “try this and hold your breath”.  And we did…but unfortunately she still had a seizure on the full moon (like always) this month.  🙁

BUT I will say that the diet changes have had some positive effects.  Namely, I lost a few pounds haha!  And Annie has been doing really well walking, running, and jumping this month.  May be a coincidence.  May also be that the restrictive diet is helping to cut down on inflammation in her body which would in turn reduce the spasticity in her affected muscles.  Who knows exactly?  But, hey, I’ll take the positives!  And back to the drawing board, again, for figuring out how to stop the full moon from rolling around every month…..

Sigh.  Now to wade through the cycle of coordinating her care with multiple doctors, trying to figure out if we need to take her somewhere for a second opinion, and on and on and on.  There is definitely nothing about life that has prepared me to be a special needs mom.  Gosh.  I feel like I need to go back to school and get a PhD in neurology so I can be an effective partner with her doctors when it comes to finding the best course of treatment.

But, any hoo.  Back to the diet!

The hardest part of the diet change has been replacing some of our favorite menu items.  My kids LOVE pancakes.  Heck, I LOVE PANCAKES.  But, alas, pancakes are loaded with nothing positive when it comes to nutrition.  Not to mention that a grain free, dairy free, sugar free, blah blah blah diet means pretty much every ingredient is not allowed.

After some trial and error over the last few weeks, and some suggestions by my wonderful sister-in-law (check her out at “Oil Lovin’ Mama” on Facebook!) I have found a decent grain free, dairy free, sugar free, preservative and additive free pancake alternative that doesn’t have a rubbery or “eggy” texture.


(to make about 12 silver dollar sized pancakes)

4 bananas

2 eggs

1/3 cup rice or coconut flour (2nd option is better)

dash of vanilla (optional)


Put ingredients in a bowl and mash together.  An immersion blender works great for this, but a fork and some strong fore arms will also get the job done.  Cook on a greased griddle just like a normal pancake.  Make sure these get nice and brown before flipping.  Also make smaller pancakes.  These don’t hold together as well as a traditional pancake (because, hey, no gluten!) so they can be sloppy to flip if not cooked enough or too large.

Since we are trying to keep Annie’s carb count down she can only have a little bit of pancake (to her dismay) and we paired it with some bacon and eggs to up the protein.  But they are delicious.  And 5 out of 6 family members enjoy these (sorry Ivy!).

Happy pancake flipping!