Resurrecting Ye Olde Blog

Hello all!  I have missed writing SO much!

I know, I know.  I just POOF disappeared for a while.  And I’d like to tell you it because I was busy or I had nothing to write about, but none of those are true.  The truth is I got so dang blang-it frustrated trying to figure out how to work the blog since moving it over from the free wordpress site.  There are just SO many BUTTONS!  And I spent houurrrrsssss trying to get google adsense to actually show a darn ad so I could maybe make a few pennies from all this hard work.  Spent so much time reading all of their instructions and FAQs and watching YouTube videos and it just wouldn’t work.  So I threw in the towel for a while until I had time to just sit down and figure this new site out.

Still working on figuring AdSense out, but I have more of the actual blog organized so I feel confident enough to start posting again.  And I’m going to be flying out to visit my super smart sister in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to make her help me figure out the things I just can’t figure out.  Get ready Keri, I’m a-comin’!

And I’m excited!  I have so much I’m looking forward to writing about….even if no one cares to read it.  It’s like therapy, you know 😉   Planning on doing some posting with my favorite goat milk recipes since we now have three lovely Nubians on the farm, sharing some of the alternative therapies we have seen help Annie in her journey with spastic cerebral palsy (and that I think might be beneficial to anyone who deals with post-stroke spasticity or muscle pain), and of course keeping you up to date about our never ending farm house renovation.  We (fingers crossed) hope to start our kitchen reno in the next year.  And with four hooligans running around the house, I’m sure there will be no end of exciting and crazy things to post about.

And I want to share our breastfeeding journey with our newest baby, Miss January, which I hope might inspire some moms who might be struggling through a tough breastfeeding experience!

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to hear from Teal House Farm as well, I’m always up for suggestions.  Take care and I’ll be posting again soon!