Don’t Throw Away The Grease! 3 Uses For Hamburger Grease

Ahhh hamburger.  It’s about as American as apple pie.  Hamburger patties.  Shepherds pie.  Taco Tuesdays.  And on goes the menu list.  But…did you know that the grease is just as handy as the actual meat?

I didn’t!  At least not until recently.

I was cooking up pounds and pounds of hamburger getting it ready to pressure can.  Of course, this created cups and cups of primordial goo!  I got to thinking…throwing it away seems such a waste!  Surely there is use for all of this grease.  And, hopefully, there are some practical uses beyond ‘that Pintrest project I’d like to try sometime someday’.

I was pleasantly surprised that there are several good uses for it.  So practical, in fact, that I feel a little guilty for all the years I spent tossing grease and then turning around to buy manufactured oils from the grocery store.  I was throwing dollars in the trash can on a weekly basis!  Shame shame shame.

So…here they are.  Three PRACTICAL uses for your hamburger grease.


Cooking Oil

What was once probably a ‘well duh’ use to our great grandparents has been mostly lost to day.  Fat left over from frying ground beef can be drained away and saved in a jar for later cooking use.  Hamburger grease does have a slight ‘flavor’ to it, so it’s not something you would want to use to make a pie crust.  But it makes an excellent medium for stir frying, cooking eggs, and gives a great flavor to a fried potato dish.

Frying up some eggs in the grease!

It is worth mentioning that this is NOT tallow….it will not last long at room temperature.  You could put the effort into rendering it and purifying it if you would like.  I’e done it before, it’s a bit time consuming.  But if you have a lot, it is nice to have a shelf stable fat.  But, for most days, I just drain the grease, put it in a mason jar and store it in the fridge.  We’ll use up a pint jar pretty quickly…I cook almost every meal every day around here.  We need a lot of cooking grease!

I store it in the fridge in a mason jar with a screw on lid. Easy to access and will last several months! I love these screw on lids….check them out here


Greasing Casserole Dishes

Since it has a bit of a flavor, I wouldn’t recommend it for greasing dessert pans; but, hamburger drain-off is a great slicker of casserole dishes and crock pots.  Save yourself $4 at the store and pass by the aerosol sprays, you already have what you need to keep your cheesy potato casserole from sticking to the pan.  Rub a paper towel over the top or scoop it out with a spoon and then spread around your baking dish.  Easy peasy…and free!


Feed The Birds

Finally…give a helping hand to our feathered friends and make some suet.  I will confess, I have not collected enough extra grease yet to try to formulate my own spectacular recipe.  However this one is on my list to try:

Once I have a chance to try out a few recipes I will post with my favorite.  But in the meantime, there’s no reason you can’t ‘give it a go’ yourself.  So start saving some grease and set out a snack for your local winged friend.  It’s winter.  He’s probably pretty hungry!

Do you have a use for left over beef fat?  What is your favorite way to make sure it doesn’t go to waste?