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In 2015, we purchased a 1897, “fixer-upper” farm house on a 10 acre farm in Missouri. We were looking for a simple life for our family of (then) 5. Since then, we have renovated the bathroom, kitchen, started raising chickens, ducks, and dairy goats…plus added two more beautiful daughters to our family. Things are certainly never boring around here!

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Come learn with us about frugal and natural living, breaking the cycle of debt, sustainable farming, and watch (very patiently) as we (very slowly) renovate our farm house to restore its former beauty. We also highlight large family living and homeschool hacks from time to time as our family continues to grow and thrive and learn together.


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Follow our journey toward a debt-free, self-sustainable life for our family. Making do with less, appreciating what we have more, and selling the excess. We believe that real life is an adventure in learning and promise to show our successes, failures, and everything in between.

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The Reusable Squeeze Pouch Experiment

If you’ve been around our channel or blog for a hot second, you’ll know that I’m pretty passionate about low-waste.  I hate one use products.  Well, I’ll make an exception for medical supplies…but in GENERAL, I hate single use products.  Especially single use PLASTIC products.  They are such a waste of money and they are […]

5 Cast-Iron Pieces You’ll Love!

This post contains affiliate links.  These links do not increase the price of the product, however we do receive a small commission from the sale of any of the linked items.   As more and more data comes out about just how unsafe the Teflon non-stick pans seem to be, the more and more I’m thankful […]

The Essential Gift of Togetherness

Oh the things people say about large families.  I don’t even consider our family that big.  I mean, not saying that 6 kids isn’t a lot of little people, but I wouldn’t really consider it neck-craning worthy.  But it’s apparently unusual enough that we can’t go, well anywhere, without comments. Some of them are probably […]